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Out now for Fifty Linden Friday, have great day!

'Easter is soon upon us, have some rabbit'


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Get them at my store <3
Store Link

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and I got some company, soulchi :D

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Happy Bithday gift from TCF <3 (pack1)

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Happy Bithday gift from TCF <3 (pack2)

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(vía ♥ The Cute Fashionista ♥: ♥1012)

purse free from hunt

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Happiness is simple.

This is gorgeous.So simple,yet so beautiful.I wish I could get the same effect in the sims ;w;

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LOOKBOOK #002 | 2013.09.18
Overall + Sweater - COCO (group gift)
Shoes - Goth1c0 Cupcake Sneakers (I Love Cupcakes Hunt gift)
Hair - DeLa Sophie Black 2
Stuffed Animal - Damien Fate “Friendship Bear”

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Outfit #1 (Me :-D )

Gown: Ordem da Rosa - XVIII robe à l’anglaise —-> Click!

Hair: Royal Blue Wig (in the royal blue Dress Pack) —-> Click!

Flowers: Period hairstyle: Victoire (MarieJosette Laville in World)

Outfit #2 (My Friend Louise)

Hair : [BURLEY] Julia Blonde —-> Click!
Gown: Ordem da Rosa - Pink Francaise Gown —-> Click!
Necklaces with Earrings: *League* Vintage Jewellery Set —-> Click!

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