this turned out ok! hips are a bit big but yeah x

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813. Alice In Wonderland Free! Follow the link.

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Long time no see.. (by Makoto Lunasea)
waa i actually dressed up..
its been so long!
i am currently busy with RL :’( like A LOT…
but I’ve been wanting to play badly.. I hope I can finish this rl stuff and have some free time for myself!

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CUTE POSE for MESH HANDS (free) by (*ANGELICA) Lindsay Rozen on Flickr.

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wip of my personal mod for the M3 head  (✿◠‿◠) ❤

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After getting such an overwhelming positive feedback on my M3 mod I decided I would make another face to sell. Her name’s Keiko and she’s a crybaby :3 I hope you guys like! It was hard to give her up D:

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Elliot #1 Lookbook


Shirt & Skirt by Mikunch - FREE - TAXI

Shoes with socks by SMC - LUCKY BOARD - TAXI

Skin by Mother Goose Sasha-II - 1L - TAXI

Eyes in the Marketplace - FREE - LINK


Hair by Lelutka - NATURAL FADES - 315L - TAXI

Shape by me

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